Why Choose Us?


With only six children per group we are able to offer an exceptionally high quality of specialized lessons where your child is at the centre of learning.

Learning begins with the needs and goals of your child. 


The most important investment you can make in your child is the investment in their development.

You will not be disappointed in the progress your child will make with us both emotionally and academically.


We know that the best way to get students to learn is to connect learning to the interests of the students.

We are here to figure out what motivates them, what energises them, what excites them and what engages their imagination.

With these golden nuggets of information we provide forms of teaching and learning which are highly customised to them.


There are no other clubs out there that provide the range and quality of activities and premium learning that we do.

Our dedicated and passionate native English speaking teachers do so much more than just teach English.

They facilitate learning in the 21st century that will set up your child for life.

Our mission

Providing lessons that teach English and Personal Growth using mindfulness and creativity techniques that unleash your child’s confidence and happiness.

Results and Benefits

We have so much more to offer than just language acquisition. Learning English is just a part of what we do. We stand for growth, transformation, happiness and love. The brain grows faster in the first five years of life than any other time. For development skills to flourish, young learners need genes and experience. With your genes and our experience we are destined for success!

Just a few of our proudest breakthrough moments:

  • They have grown from not speaking to confidently repeating words and actively taking part in learning

  • Introverted and shy students have broken free from their shells and are shining bright

  • They have grown from crying and tantrums to using their words to express themselves

  • Little personalities are coming out as we are each valued as individuals

  • Those who struggled with sitting still or concentration are now engaged with an age appropriate attention span

  • They have grown from only observing games and activities to actually leading the play

  • They have grown from hiding behind mom to walking into the room confidently

  • Picky eaters are now trying all kinds of new foods in our cooking class

  • Social and emotional skills are emanating from each learner: following rules, sharing, making friends, being kind and patient

Our clubs

If you believe your child deserves an advantage in this highly competitive world, continue the journey with us!

Buddha Baby


Pregnancy – 3 years old

Mindfulness &

Social Skills Club

4 – 12 years old

Mindfulness &

Self-Care Club




All ages

Breakthrough Weekends

All ages

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood

Fred Rogers

Who are our parents?


Parents who understand that YOU are the change you want to see within your child


Parents who UNDERSTAND that different habits = different results


Parents who are READY to be coached and shown their blind spots


Parents who are prepared do their homework


Parents who are open to learn the POWER of the self care and meditation


Parents who are going to SHOW UP and take ACTION on this journey

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Albert Einstein

Who are our students?


Children who wish to be more in control of their BIG emotions


Children who wish to feel calm, grounded and happy on a daily basis


Children who wish to develop social skills and get along better with others


Children who wish to have better concentration and ability to stay focused


Children who wish to develop a strong growth mindset and self confidence


Children who wish to learn the SUPER POWER of the breath and meditation

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