What is the English Language & Personal Growth Centre about?

We provide a unique and exclusive learning environment where your child will become and develop into the best version of themselves and discover their inner creative genius. We believe that each learner has undiscovered abilities waiting to burst forth.

Our centre is a safe, supportive environment where children play, learn, and experience freedom through learning in small focused groups. Using tools that range from pencils and paper, to whisks and hammers, students learn through doing. Every day our students discover solutions to problems, stretch their imaginations, and develop important character traits such as optimism, gratitude, tolerance and self-control that lead to success in school and in life.





Humans are the only species that do not live up to their full potential each day. We seek to facilitate growth in every facet of your child’s life. Let’s face it, learning can be hard and sometimes learners struggle to progress. We understand that without struggle, there is no progress and progress, to us, equals happiness. We put the fun back into learning.

We believe that oracy, the ability to express oneself fluently and grammatically in speech, is one of the biggest indicators of a child’s success later in life. Teaching effective speaking skills will prepare young learners for the world they are going into in the 21st century.

Etiquette is a code of behavior based on treating others with honesty, respect, and consideration. We teach everyday common courtesy to young learners in the form of: table manners, polite behavior, being kind etc. We have a vision of raising good and decent little human beings.

If you believe your child deserves an advantage in this highly competitive world,

you have found the right place!

What is our exclusive offer?

Freedom and transformation

It is important to identify your child’s strengths and interests at every stage in their development. We achieve this by working closely with parents: sharing observations and information about each individual child. Teachers are trained to tune in early and be aware of the range of strengths, interests and passions as they begin to emerge. Teachers gain an insight into each student’s potential and plan opportunities that celebrate and nurture these discoveries. The earliest years are a critically important time and we make the most of them. We aim to transform your child’s future and educational experiences.

“If you can light the spark of curiosity in a child, they will learn without any further assistance.

Children are natural leaders.”

Sir Ken Robinson

Individual learning plans

In this highly exclusive environment, where we allow only six children per group, all children are treated as individuals and their differences are celebrated. We aim to provide a unique, individual learning plan for each student, which will help them flourish within their own capacity. All activities are differentiated and divided into different learning stations (visual, kinesthetic and auditory) creating many neurological pathways to access the same information.

“It’s not about how smart they are: it’s about how they are smart”

Howard Gardner

Unique and dynamic environment

Our setting is based in a carefully planned learning environment which allows freedom of choice. It has child-size equipment and furniture to encourage independence, self-confidence and self-esteem. Students learn how to make their own healthy snacks. For example, through our philosophy of exploring and playing with food, students learn how to make their own healthy snacks. They are able to try new tastes, textures and flavors and this has resulted in many picky eaters being more open to fresh and healthy foods.

“The second principle that drives human life flourishing is: CURIOSITY.”

Sir Ken Robinson


We are passionate about teaching our students important life skills and instilling goodness from a very young age. During our mindfulness session in the morning, we teach students how to understand themselves, identify emotions and their feelings better. Teaching students mindfulness helps them to develop their creativity, emotional intelligence and self-esteem. It is especially helpful for reducing anxiety, stress and sleep issues.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen!”


Music and Movement

Music plays a powerful role in the lives of young children. Music as a sound stimulus, stimulates the senses, evokes feelings and elicits physiological and mental responses whilst energizing the body and mind.

Benefits of our music class:

  • Develops verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Develops cognitive and academic skills in language acquisition and math
  • Relieves stress and helps to make transitions easier
  • Grows self esteem and sense of belonging in a group
  • Improves social skills

As a form of play, music is a source of joy and creativity.”

Donald Winicott

Who is Angie Gisler?

Angie Gisler: English Language & Personal Growth Expert

Born in 1985 and raised in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, Angie Gisler, aka Ms.G, has lived in Switzerland since 2014. Prior to her arrival in Switzerland she lived in South Korea, the USA and Russia, teaching English and transforming the lives of learners. Her specialty lies in getting children to connect to what they are good at while teaching English and personal growth. In 2016 Angie Gisler subsequently completed her Postgraduate in Education (PGCE), consolidating her years of global experience with the most up-to-date teaching methods and pedagogy. This worldly experience and first class education has allowed Ms.G to develop one of the most unique learning environments in central Switzerland.

A few words from Angie Gisler on how it all began:

“So, where to begin? Every journey begins with a single step, as they say, so here it goes! My personal history as a young girl involved growing up in an environment with a backdrop of abuse, abandonment, and five generations of mothers mistreating their children. As time went by, I was fortunately blessed with a stepmother that offered me unconditional love, a foreign concept to me at the time, which shaped my mindset to believe that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

It was at this moment that I decided to dedicate my life to my mantra; ‘what you focus on will EXPAND’. Needless to say, that positivity, grace, and banishing negative thoughts was the new name of the game!

By living in multiple countries on various continents teaching and traveling as a woman, I gained a fresh outlook on life which has been all-encompassing. How fortunate I am to have had these life-altering experiences! I’ve discovered a variety of cultures immersing myself in various ways of life, diving deep into what influences these behaviors. I have always been fascinated with young minds and their development in relation to their surroundings.

To further solidify my purpose and commitment to my practice, something miraculous happened during the beginning of my teaching career. Not only was I really good at my job, I truly enjoyed it and the passion just poured out of me! Every morning like clockwork, with the force of a tidal wave, the door would burst open and a tsunami of 5-year-olds poured into my classroom. “Hi, Miss Angie teacher!” they’d say, rushing past my desk and howling with laughter as they bombarded around the room. I would think to myself, ‘Wow, did I do that?”. The feeling I got from passing on positivity and knowledge was the moment I just knew.

I decided to further my academic education and develop myself, exploring the depths of my being and healing emotional wounds. Through passion and excitement, I felt through this personal discovery, my purpose became clearer and clearer. By breaking patterns from the past, I was able to apply this emotional freedom to my teaching practice. And what a rewarding experience this has been!

I now have an opportunity to practice what I have been preaching as I implement it into my personal life as a mother, the beauty of how it all really works amazes me each day! This lifelong journey continuously inspires me to bring the best version of myself to the table with excitement and a head full of fresh ideas. How can we alter our thought patterns and actions to be better than we were yesterday? It is no secret that this is how we create our reality.

We live most of our lives inside our heads, so why not make that a healthy and nourishing environment? I am now living my dream life, I have now come full circle, and I’m now more than ready for the next challenges life has yet to offer, with a constantly renewed outlook and purpose!

This is where my motivation stems from, my impact on the world, it’s what undoubtedly gets me up and running with vigor each morning! The results that I have produced over the years with my students and their families have been transformational. We are all living proof that unblocking stuck energy and breaking patterns from the past is not only possible but something we need living in the world as it is today.”

Angie Gisler’s educational background:

Dip. AdvDiploma in Advertising Varsity College, RSA
BABachelors degree in International Marketing IMM, RSA
TEFLTeaching English as a Foreign Language Knowledge Workshop, RSA
PGCE Post Graduate Certificate in Education University of Sunderland, UK
NLPNeuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner NLP, UK
Cert. MusicCertificate in Boogie Mites Boogie Mites, UK
Cert. Meditation Certificate in Mindfulness TCM, UK
FAFirst aid for children HSE, UK
LanguageLevel A2 in German TELC, CH
Cert. MindfulnessMindfulness and Mindset TrainingOwn Your Superstar, Mahima Klinge
Cert. MindfulnessProfessional TutorConnected Kids, Lorraine Murray
Cert. MindfulnessInterim TrainerConnected Kids, Lorraine Murray
Cert. Mindfulness3 Years Mindfulness and Mindset TrainingOwn Your Superstar, Mahima Klinge
LanguageLevel B1 in Germanfide, CH




  • be more in control of their BIG emotions

  • feel calm, grounded and happy on a daily basis

  • develop social skills and get along better with others

  • have better concentration and ability to stay focused

  • develop a strong growth mindset and self confidence

  • learn the SUPER POWER of the breath and meditation



  • understand that YOU are the change you want to see within your child

  • who UNDERSTAND that different habits = different results

  • are READY to be coached and shown their blind spots + do their homework

  • open to learn the POWER of the self care and meditation

  • are going to SHOW UP and take ACTION on this journey


Angie Gisler


+41 78 797 85 29