Avoid being the pack donkey!

A little bit of an error that some parents make, is being the PACK DONKEY.

You so often see parents trekking into schools carrying all of the backpacks and all of the sports bags. Mom or dad are sweating trying to get the kids to school on time whilst the kids are cruising along. It’s super simple, if you want to avoid being the pack donkey, just stop carrying your children’s bags. Each child can be responsible for their own backpack and their own sports bag.

When your child starts going to kindergarten, get them used to carrying their own little backpack; start laying the foundation from an early age.

When you go hiking, each person carries their own water and their own backpack.

On another note, I often see moms and dads carrying their babies or toddlers while pushing the stroller. Once again, the only way to get this sorted is to STOP.

If your child is fussing in the stroller and they are already able to walk, give them a choice. Either we can walk, sit in the stroller, or we sit down right here and we are not going any further. And be prepared to follow through, you might be that parent in the zoo who sitting down in the middle of the path next to the elephants.

You could also offer a little 10 or 15 minute incentive. So, after being in the stroller for X amount of time, mommy or daddy will carry you for 10 minutes. Make sure to use a timer, as a toddler does not really have the concept of what 10 minutes is or what it feels like.

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