Bye Bye Dummy Ceremony

If you want to stop the use of the dummy, NOW IS THE TIME! Gather every single dummy in the house. Dig deep. EVERY SINGLE one has go to GO.

Here is your ACTION plan:

Step 1: Prime your child a few days before the ceremony so that you build up the anticipation BIG TIME. Then one night before bedtime, make a big scene about this ceremony, and I mean BIG. Get the whole family involved, make a fire, light candles, put up decorations, lay a red carpet; all in preparation for the arrival of the Baby Dummy King and his men.

Step 2: Put all the dummies in a wheelbarrow, wagon or even in a big box. Explain that the Baby Dummy King will come in the night to take all the dummies to Babyland because there are many babies there who need dummies. Make sure your child understands that they are doing a good deed by helping all the babies in Babyland.

Step 3: Go to bed. Mom, your job is to put your child to bed whilst Dad gets rid of all the dummies for good. The next day, all the dummies are GONE and the Baby Dummy King has left a thank you note and a BIG present (give your child something they really love).

Step 4: Prepare for the resistance! Your child will resist at first but you stay calm. Be ready for the screaming, begging and tantrums. The answer is very simple. There are no dummies in the house because the Baby Dummy King took them all to Babyland.

Get crystal clear on a sentence you will use when your child asks for the dummy and only use this sentence! Say it a maximum of twice and then actively ignore your child. This will be uncomfortable for you. You will have to follow through 100%. There is no turning back from this point. There is zero negotiating. You give in once. The whole game is OVER.

CAUTION! CAUTION! This will only work if you and your husband are 100% ready to let go of the dummy. This means IT WILL NEVER BE USED AGAIN – EVER! The dummy is gone/out/ciao/bye!

Final Tip: Adapt the story line according to your child’s imagination. Go all in and get super creative. Make a big big theatrical deal out of this.

Are you READY? You have ONE shot. Make it count!