Feedback & Progress Calls

Feedback & Progress Calls

YOU will have the opportunity to have a 1:1 Feedback & Progress Call each semester. It is the responsibly of the parent to BOOK the call with the club teacher by making use of the below booking sheet. This Feedback & Progress Call is there for you to keep track of your child’s progress & find out more on how to continue the learning at home.

Semester 1 Feedback & Progress Calls Dates:

Ms. Sonal: 03 & 04 December 2019

Ms. Jo: 11, 12 & 13 December 2019

Book your call with Ms. Sonal


Book your call with Ms. Jo

  • Keep track of your child’s progress

  • Discuss any concerns you may have

  • Set intensions for the new semester to come

  • Get feedback from club teacher on key points


Angie Gisler

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