Hysterical crying & choking to peaceful, calm & content in less than 3 minutes

I want to share an epic experience with you, in terms of what meditation means to me in my life and why I believe it is such a POWERFUL tool.

A few nights ago, I was putting my 4-month-old baby to bed. Usually, the bedtime routine is quite peaceful and calm but this particular evening I had a severe ball of anxiety in my belly. The story behind the anxiety is unimportant, the fact is that I noticed it was there.

During the feeding and bedtime routine Baby Bear would not chill. She was hysterical and screaming. She would drink a little bit and then choke. I couldn’t settle her or calm her down. The more she was escalating the more this anxiety in my stomach was growing.

I decided to take a TIME OUT. My husband was home, so I asked him to come in and take Baby Bear whilst I went out the room and calmed myself down. If he wasn’t at home, I would have put her in her crib, left the room and done the same thing. I went outside the room, I sat down on the sofa and I took ten DEEP breathes. I inhaled through my nose, expanding my belling like a giant balloon, and then exhaled through my mouth deflating the balloon and exhaling every last drop of oxygen.

I had the idea to do this during a moment of high stress because a couple of days before I had done a meditation about being in control of my feelings. Not being a person that gets swept up by an emotion, but rather a person that is connected to the truth and can stay grounded. There is a very powerful tool that helps you be able to do this, and it is very simple. It’s the breath. During this meditation I used my mala beads to plant a seed very deeply inside of myself. I repeated this mantra 108 times, “I control my feelings through my breathe.”

A couple of days later, when I was in a moment with feelings of anxiety which I felt were taking over, I had this seed that sprouted, and I had a resource to rely on. I could leave the room and I could calm myself down. I came back into the room, I fed my baby, she nursed calmly, she went to sleep and slept for seven hours. When I came out the room, my husband looked at me and asked, “What did you do there? You came back as a completely different person.”

The power of meditation and mindfulness is REAL. When you continue to practice mindfulness, you become so much more aware and in tune with what is happening in your body. You won’t sit with that anxiety for an hour or two hours or have a sleepless night with a screaming baby.

I encourage you to continue to practice your mindfulness, continue to practice meditation and always remember that the breath is there for you to help you control your feelings and to calm you down.