Powerful Language Patterns & Fussy Eating

Let’s talk about the POWER of language patterns. Especially when it comes to picky or fussy eating. We often say to children, “eat your vegetables, it’s good for you”, “eat your food, it’s going to help you grow strong”, which of course are true. 

There are some powerful, transformative language patterns that you can use to help your child to really understand the depth of what “your food is good for you” means. For example, you can say that orange food helps us to see in the dark, yellow food helps us to heal cuts, green food helps us to fight off sicknesses. 

Now, take this to the next level. When your child falls and cuts their knee and two or three days later you can see the wound is starting to heal, bring that POWERFUL language back in. “Do you remember when you ate your yellow peppers? Now, look how well this wound is healing because you ate your yellow fruits and vegetables.”

At nighttime, after the lights go out. “What can you see? Well, the reason why you can see so well in the dark is because you eat your orange veggies, like your carrots, on a regular basis.”

When your child is sick and they’re feeling under the weather, when they come back and they’re feeling fresh and great and healthy, remind them that it is because they have these strong antibodies within them that they get from their green fruits and vegetables.

Use these powerful language patterns to transform the way you encourage your children to eat. Have a look at the BONUS attachment below to find some powerful sentences that you can use!