Stress Free Good Morning

Step 1: The Night Before

Set out the clothing the night before
• Take out the items that are absolutely not allowed to be worn to school i.e. fancy dresses.
• From this point onward allow your child to PICK THEIR OWN CLOTHING for school.
• Tell them, that they are old enough to handle this responsibility.

Make sure school bag is packed and ready
• Prepare as much as possible the night before – NO scrambling around in the morning.

Set the breakfast table
• Lay out all the food and whatever else is needed.

TIP: Parents check the choices the child makes until the child shows that they can make the right clothing choice.

Step 2: Make a Chart

Lay out each step visually with a clear time frame
• Wake up at 07:00
• Breakfast at …
• Leave the house at 07:45

Step 3: Crystal Clear Consequences

This needs to be 100% clear.
There will be no screaming and no shouting.
You will not repeat yourself.
The morning flow will depend on you as the parents.
REMEMBER: Calm parents = calm child

Before you implement your new routine, discuss the exact expectations.
E.g. If you are not ready to leave the house at 07:45 the following will happen:
• You will walk to school alone.
• You will be late for school and deal with what your teacher has to say about it there.
• We will NOT take you to school.
• We will NOT make an excuse for you being late.

Step 4: Discuss the Breakfast

What do we eat Monday – Friday?
What are the special exceptions for the weekend?
What about holidays?
Road trips?

Step 5: Zip Your Lips

Mom and dad promise to just ZIP IT.
STOP giving orders in the morning.
Let your child do it now. They know the expectation and what the consequences are.

Set 3/4 times during the morning that you will help your child along with the timing:
• 5 min warning before breakfast
• Breakfast time CALL
• 5 min before you have to leave the house
• Time to leave CALL

Maybe use a bell or a little timer to help.
JUST stop nagging and LET YOUR CHILD LEARN by themselves.
If they are late once or twice – SO WHAT!!! Tell them that it is okay and try again the next day.
Learning by doing – Give your child the power here.

Step 6: The Weekend

Have a family meeting to discuss the exact expectations and what the consequences are of not sticking to the agreed expectations.
If you have an appointment on Saturday morning, discuss it on Friday night – Set yourself up for success.

Explain the expected morning routine:
• You wake up in the morning.
• You draw and play UNTIL mommy and daddy come out of the room.
• Then we have breakfast.

Step 7: Trust the Process

Wake up at 07:00

Step 8: Mom and Dad are One

• You work together no matter WHAT.
• Sit down and discuss meal times and FIND a solution that you can both agree on.
• Discuss table manners inside & outside the house.