Fun in the SUN …

Learn English while bonding with your child in the fresh open air this SUMMER!!!


- Swing in a Hammock -

Snuggle close to your child, and sway the afternoon away. Look for pictures in the clouds and watch them change, or read books to each other. Listening to audio books in English is also a great way to relax the afternoon away…

- Do Garden Work Together -

Toddlers can help pull weeds and sprinkle the flowers with a tiny watering can. Have a kid-size rake and a bubble-blowing lawn mower on hand.

- Play Dress-Up -

Collect funny hats, gloves, purses, flowing gowns, and “superhero capes” at a garage sale or thrift store. Slip into your new finery, and have a make-believe garden party, Spider-Man adventure, or masquerade ball.

- Build a Secret Fort -

Drape old sheets over lower tree limbs and clotheslines. Eat dinner there. Stay up chasing fireflies and listening to “night sounds.”

- Go on a Bug Safari -

Dig for worms, scout for lizards, and hunt for frogs and tadpoles. Marvel at an ant carrying an oversize crumb.