Teach your child about STRESS

Sit down and talk to your child about what exactly stress is. Explain to them that stress is the body’s reaction to a stimuli. Whether it is something that happens physically or if it’s just something they may be thinking about, the body will react in a similar way – that is the POWER of the mind.

Start teaching children that when they find themselves stuck in a stressful situation, whether it’s in the eye of the storm or later on when they reflecting on something and they start to feel the stress come up again, they have a choice whether they are going to RESPOND or REACT to the situation. Teach the difference between responding and reacting.

As always, lead the conversation by example. Share authentically your own experiences of how you have dealt with stress, what stress means to you and where you feel stress in your body. Tell them about a situation where you RESPONDED rather than REACTED and how you had the self-control and power to do so.

REMEMBER: Neurons that wire together, fire together.

We want to start teaching children that they can counteract those reactive actions with a more mindful response.

A great way to teach children about the POWER of the mind is to practice the Lemon Meditation. Try the attached meditation with your family.