Teach your child how to deal with challenging people

Some practical tips and applications on how to teach your child to deal with challenging people in the moment; in the eye of the storm.

When your child comes homes from school and they have experienced something very emotional or very challenging; for example, dealing with a bully, a challenging situation with a teacher or an argument with a best friend, we can use a powerful visualization.

Teach your child that as they are sitting at their desk or they’re on the playground and this challenging person comes their way, they should imagine that challenging person to be BRIGHT PINK. Their hair, shoes, clothes, teeth, nose and there is a pink light around them. By doing this, your child’s feelings will automatically soften towards that person which will send out a positive vibration to that person. This will then automatically affect that challenging person’s vibrations towards your child.

At home you can get a spray bottle and fill it up with some water and some pink food coloring. Get a nice big sheet of A3 paper and draw these challenging people. If there was a sibling rivalry, then draw the argument. If there was a fight with mom and dad, then draw that down. Then go outside and spray the sheet of paper pink. See how the feelings towards the people and situation start to soften.

Growth Challenges:

Lead by example – Try to use this tip for yourself and then SHARE it with your child.

Practice this Love & Kindness Meditation with your child.