Quiet Please … Kids at Work 🙂

Terms and Conditions

Payment & Cancellation policy

Clubs & BONUS events:

Packages & Payment

  • The packages are booked and paid for in advance
  • Missed sessions in the CLUBS or BONUS events are not refundable


  • Missed sessions may be transferred to another child by special arrangement
  • Missed sessions may be compensated twice a year on the scheduled compensation sessions

Private Lessons & BONUS events:

Packages & Payment

  • Private lessons are booked and paid for in advance
  • Missed Lessons or BONUS events are not refundable


  • Private Lessons may only be rescheduled if cancelled one full day before the scheduled lesson time

Admissions policy


  • Rolling admissions are allowed where there is space
  • Rolling admissions will receive an amended invoice

Once the registration form has been completed, you agree and understand that:

  • The registration form is a legally binding and contractual agreement and will be upheld as such
  • You accept all terms and conditions
  • When you register and then decide to cancel your registration 3 weeks or less before the first day of class, you will be charged a 450.00CHF processing fee

Parent / guardian participation VERY IMPORTANT information

  • Only one parent or guardian per owl, per club
    This is to ensure the maximum comfort for all in the learning environment.
  • Be actively involved in all activities
    While we are doing crafts, cooking class, phonics or playing active games, please assist in showing or modeling certain actions. Thereafter, please let the owl try for themselves. The process is much more important than the end product at this stage of learning. The feeling of self accomplishment is what we would like to instill in our young learners.
  • No chatting please. It is impossible for the teacher to talk / teach over 6 adults
    We want to teach the owls that when the teacher is talking, they should listen carefully. We are practicing our ‘look and listen’ skills all in preparation for “big school”.

Club Rules

Club Rules for Mummy Owls

Club Rules for Owls