Read and listen to what the parents say !

Testimonial from: Robert and Katja, entrepreneurs, parents of 7 and 4 year old

Testimonial from: Ramona B., Swiss, ER nurse, mom of 4 year old boy

Testimonial from: Annie, Greek, Media Broadcast Executive, mom of 4 year old boy

Testimonial from: Jax, South Africa, HR recruitment manager, mom of 3 year old boy and new born

Testimonial from: Alena, Slovakian and British, Massage therapist, mom of 4 and 6 year old

We had the pleasure of attending Miss G. English class for the past two years. From the first day of class, my children, Tatiana (6) and Maksim (4) are enjoying fun, mindful, social and loving approach of learning their favourite language, English. Their passion for reading, writing, and creative expression- both in and out of class has rocketed tremendously. They always talk about their classes, what games they’ve played, what art they’ve done, all connected with their new alphabet sounds. They are very much looking forward to each of their lessons. Miss G. has tons of energy, she is caring, intuitive, dedicated and focused on each child as an individual. She plans her lessons with passion, with many varied activities in each session. Consistently seeking out constructive feedback from us parents, so she can accommodate our and our children needs. I can highly recommend Miss G. lessons to all the mums and dads who would like their children to start or develop their English language skills.

Alex has been attending Angie’s classes for 6 months and he loves it. During busy weeks it’s a perfect opportunity to ensure I provide my son some very focused time on his development with Angie’s excellent planning and guidance, and particularly amongst other toddlers of a similar level. Angie is great with the children and had Alex fully engaged from the first trial session. He particularly enjoys activities involving sounds and music and likes to get stuck in and try the activities Angie plans, and practice lots of useful skills! There is no doubt he enjoys the sessions and benefits greatly!

Hayley Milne PayneBritish, Graphic Designer and mum of 14 month old Alex.

Mira loves Angie very much and always looks forward to the lessons. Angie always thinks of something new and interesting. She knows how to interest small children. My daughter’s English skills are now good enough for her to be in an international school.

Mother of a 4 year old daughter

The lessons were very professional and amusing, each minute was filled with interesting activity – singing, drawing, shaking, cooking, running, hiding, preparing snacks, etc…. Everything was explained to the children in English, accompanied by Angie with the gestures and facial expressions, so my daughter understood everything, even though she was a beginner in English.

Mother of a 2.5 year old daughter

Angie is an enthusiastic, energetic teacher who has a natural affinity with small children. The activities she organizes help children learn more about the world around them in a fun, interactive and engaging way. It was a pleasure for me to watch my daughter’s abilities, language and confidence grow during the time she participated in Angie’s classes.

Mother of a 2.5 year old daughter

My daughter, Mia, started Ms. G’s class at 16 months old and she is now 22 months old. In 6 short months, Mia has truly thrived and blossomed in this class. Every week, I see more and more development on all levels, including her heightened attention span, an amazing ability to follow directions, her ability to anticipate what comes next, and her willingness to share with other children. All of these skills also transfer outside of Ms. G’s class. Any fears she had at the beginning have melted away, and she has really found her voice with Ms. G. Ms. G’s warmth, her ability to connect with the children and her consistent continuity with activities have truly resounded with Mia. Every week I love watching Mia participate more and more without hesitation. She knows what to expect and she loves every minute of it. Mia’s vocabulary is growing every day and now she is not shy to repeat words that Ms. G teaches, dance along to music or try out new skills and games. When we are at home, Mia often wants to watch videos that I have taken from her favorite segments of the class, such as when Danny the Donkey taker her ticket on the bus. In fact, taking Mia’s ticket has been one way we have gotten her to eat some of her meals!! We cannot recommend Ms. G’s class enough!

Mother of a 22 months old daughter

We were really blessed to have Angie as our first English teacher. We have both private and group sessions with Angie and I can say she is amazing and wonderful. Always energetic, creative, inspiring, 100% engaged, adapts her teaching style to child’s current needs, interests and mood without losing focus. My daughter is always excited about the next session and I can clearly see the results. Wish all teachers were like Angie.

Mother of a 2.5 year old daughter

I want to move to Switzerland JUST to have my kids in your school!!! You are the best

K. J.