The Time is NOW: What you focus on will expand

Labyrinth Meditation: Staying present in the moment

Self-Regulation: A key to expressing oneself in a more productive way

Gratitude Pick Up Sticks: A fun way of practicing gratuity

Cool Face Cloth Meditation: Relaxation and stillness on a hot summers day

Positive Self-Talk: Boosting your child’s self-confidence & self-esteem

Phonics made fun & interactive

Processing Anger: Blow it in the balloon and let it go!

Fine Motor Practice: helps children gain strength and confidence in their body

Phonics with Ms. G: ai for nail

Mindful Breathing: connecting the breath to mindful artistic moments

Milk Mandala Meditation: helps children to relax and to be peaceful and creative in silence

Sneak peek of a day in the classroom at The Angie Gisler English Language & Personal Growth Centre

Sensory Play: supporting overall development of children

Science Experiment: practicing mindfulness, concentration and patience

Scratch Patch Bingo: An activity which allows children to sit in a focused environment where they can be mindful whilst concentrating and strengthening their minds.

Small groups for an easy transition into English

This young learner started English 1.5 years ago from scratch in our Mindfulness and literacy Club. Look how proud he is of his very first story – written all by himself.

Picking flowers in the forest helps us to inhale deeply and exhale deeply. These deep breathing and mindful techniques have resulted in happier, more confident and calm children.

Mindfulness and deep breathing helps children to calm down, self regulate and relax.

Cutting. Chopping. Pealing. Grating. We get elbow deep and hands on when learning new vocabulary. The children love the multi sensorial experience when learning new words.

Each week we do one sound. Jjjj for jelly beans. Our clubs make reading and writing really fun by using cooking classes and crafts to reiterate the sounds

Owl Literacy Club: developing presentation, oral and written skills.

First preparation for English kindergarten – in home private lessons.

Making pizza in our mini cooking class – so much FUN!

Learning English through: Active games and Active songs

Letter formation – The sensorial way

Phase one phonics in the Owl After-school Club.

Making smoothing in our mini cooking class – so delicious!

Language acquisition through nursery rhymes.

Learning new vocabulary through songs and rhymes.

Fun in the sun – Sensory play

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