What you focus on will expand: check in with your child

As parents, at the drop of a hat, we can list everything that we did wrong in a day. Everything that felt like a failure, everything that left us with the dissatisfied feeling of “I should have known better”, “I should have tried harder”.

As you know, what you focus on will EXPAND. It is so easy for us to get stuck in this rut when we are continuously focusing on what we have done wrong as a parent.

I am here to share the biggest golden nugget with you. I want you to try something new this month.

Growth Challenge:

Every night when you tuck your child into bed, I want you to ask them, “when did you feel loved today?” or “can you tell me what mommy/daddy did that made you feel loved today?”, something along those lines.

You might be surprised at the answers you get from your children. Often the answers will be something like, “when you zipped up my backpack for me”, the small insignificant details to us, that means the world to our children.

NINJA Level: 

Write down the gold your child is giving you and make sure that you continue to engage in these activities on a daily basis. So, ask your child EVERY night. And when you put your head down on your pillow, just reminisce that thought for a couple of seconds. Take it in on a cellular level and be like, “yes, my child felt loved today!”