Hi 5 Anti-Bullying Model

The Hi 5 is an effective way to develop problem-solving strategies for our children. It is a 5 step strategy that can be used in the classroom, on the playground and for perceived bullying incidents.

STEP 1: Ignore

  • Pretend you didn’t hear it.
  • Do not make eye contact.
  • Maintain positive body posture – calm and confident.
  • Think positive self-esteem statements.
  • Count to five in your head slowly.
  • Take deep breathes.

TIP: Use role play to show what ignoring looks like, sounds like and may feel like.

STEP 2: Talk Friendly

  • Use a calm voice.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Confident body language.
  • Maintain relatively close body proximity.
  • Use “I” statements – “I feel… when you… because…”
  • “Please leave me alone.”

STEP 3: Walk Away

  • Stand tall, head up high.
  • Mouth closed.
  • Look confident.
  • Do not use eye contact.
  • Walk somewhere, preferably towards a congested area or to a safety zone (a teacher).
  • Do not look back. Walk confidently, but don’t run.

STEP 4: Talk Firmly

  • As per Step 2 – Talk Friendly
  • Use an assertive voice, slightly raised.
  • Tell them to stop it.
  • Re-state your “I” statement – “I said…”
  • “I asked you to leave me alone.”

STEP 5: Report

  • Walk away and tell a staff member.
  • Go to a safety zone.
  • Bystander – support and report.
  • Report, report, report until somebody listens.

REPORTING VS. DOBBING: Reporting is helping/getting yourself out of trouble. Dobbing is trying to get someone in trouble.

Students should in most circumstances attempt to problem- solve themselves first. If unsuccessful after doing Hi 5 steps, then see a staff member.

Immediate reporting situations:

If the issue involves threats to a student’s health or safety – students are to report immediately to a staff member. They are not to try solve these problems themselves.

E.g. In incidents of physical danger, such a child running out of school gates.

Success occurs when children can not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

Here is a printable worksheet which you can use with your child to help teach them the Hi 5 model!