Improving Focus & Concentration with Mindfulness

Are you struggling with your child lacking in focus, struggling to concentrate, having a short attention-span or not being able to complete tasks? Mindfulness is a POWERFUL tool to help your child feel grounded, connected and present in the moment with whatever activity they may be engaged in.

Through the breath, mindfulness and meditation we can teach our children focus and concentraion. We start with the breath by simply inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. This is how you are going to teach your child, to connect with themselves, to fall inlove with silence and to really expand their attention-span.

This doesn’t happen over night, you are going to have to practice this with your child. Practicing meditaion and mindfulness is like building a muscle. Start gently, with just three or four breaths a day. Just one minute of meditaion day, the next week you can do two minutes, the next three minutes; and so on.

Growth Challenges: 

Engage with your child in silence and lead by example!

Take time to sit down as a family and practice your breathing, your mindfulness and your meditation.

Below you can find a beautiful mediation which I have created. You can sit down and pratice this with your child or your family. Try it once or twice a week, but don’t put any pressure on it. If your child doesn’t want to engage in the meditation, that is OKAY. You lead by example –  you can do the meditaion daily and talk to your child about how it effects you and how it has increased your focus and concentraion.