The footnote: resist the urge to parent in the eye of the storm

When your child is throwing a tantrum, in high stress or spinning out of control your only job in that moment is to remain calm and we can do this through our breath. Below you can find some breathing exercises which you can practice in your everyday self-care routine or you can do these activities with your children.

Find the strength to resist the urge to parent and teach in the eye of the storm. You remain calm and footnote the teaching in that moment. Let your child ride the emotional rollercoaster they are on, validate their feelings and remember to come back to the footnote in a quiet, calm, connected moment. Maybe just before bedtime, bring back the scenario in a story format, “remember today at the shopping mall when you were screaming about that toy…”. Talk to your child to let them know what boundaries they crossed, let them know what behaviour is acceptable and what behaviour unacceptable and that there will be a consequence for those actions.